Lockdown Living's Privacy Policy.

The purpose of this page is to show how your information will be stored and what it will be used for.

•    Lockdown Living will ensure that all your stored information is stored securely.

What data do we collect?
•    Lockdown Living will only store personal information about you that is provided to us by you. We will never store any personal information that is not provided to us by you.
•    The information stored includes only information that is essential to providing the product to you i.e. name, email address, contact number and delivery address.

How do we collect your data?
•    Personal information provided to us by you when purchasing our product.
What do we use your data for?
•    Lockdown Living will only use the personal information provided to us by you for the fulfillment of your order and will not be transferred to any third parties.
What choices do you have?
•    Information is only collected by Lockdown Living at the checkout stage and therefore by not completing the checkout stage to purchase the product no information will be collected.